Easy Interior Design Tips During Lockdown


How can we have a positive outlook during this time and ignite our design passion?

We will only be able to use the items in our homes available to us as we cannot go shopping! This is a great challenge though. The lockdown has allowed us to take in our environments and notice the little things we didn’t before as well as do a good spring clean. You’d be surprised what you can find when you do a proper purge.

I am a big sucker for indoor plants, they bring life and colour to your space. If you don’t already have any indoor plants or any pot plants available, walk around your garden and take in the fresh air, take a look around and see what small plants you can pull from your garden and place inside. If you don’t have a pot to plant in, then look around your house for old crockery you don’t really use any more. I know of some quirky teacups in mine that I can use. If you want a more contemporary twist I would suggest and old drinking glass or bowl. An old wooden box would also look amazing!

When placing your chosen potted plants, small pot plants look good together in groups and the golden rule of odd numbers when doing this is especially important. Whether it be an individual big plant or smaller clusters – you can place them on coffee tables, servers and shelves.

Next would be using existing ornaments in your home. If you already have a few of these placed, I would simply look at switching up the positions and pairing them with the newly created pot plants you’ve just made. I don’t have much available to me as I live in a quaint farmhouse, but for my ‘Design during Lockdown’ challenge, I painted a feature wall and used a stuffed rhino, mirror, a design book for my decorative cluster. After the spring clean purge, I am sure you will find a few vintage items long forgotten about and vintage items in a contemporary space used the right way will completely transform your space.

A more drastic option would be to do as I did and, well, paint a wall. My gran gave me four different colour acrylic paint tubes to paint a graphic for my cousin, however, I haven’t had a chance to do that yet and I needed a feature wall for my newly created videos. If you haven’t seen them yet, you will find them on our Videos tab on our website. I also made a video of me painting the feature wall. I simply masked off geometric shapes on my wall with masking tape and then used a dishwashing sponge and a few other random items I found around the house and created a beautiful abstract feature wall in my bedroom that I cannot stop looking at!

Now might be the time to hang those family photos you haven’t had a chance to hang. A beautiful photo gallery along your stairs or on a massive blank wall brings a homely element into your space and allows you to see your memories every day.

Lastly … Cushions, Cushions, Cushions. I have about 6 scatter cushions in my house at the moment. One is baby pink and the other a floral pattern, which I use in my bedroom and the others are of beiges and blues that I use in my lounge. I switch this around every few days and because my colour pallet in my bedroom and lounge is neutral I can use the blues in my bedroom and the pinks in my lounge and visa verse.

There are so many options for all the small changes you can make in your spaces. These are only a few suggestions. I hope this blog post has helped to lift your spirits and has ignited your creative spark!

If you decide to go a little ‘design wild’ with our suggested options or some of your own please send us pictures as we would love to see them.

Also, if you want other ideas or advice, we are currently running a promotion this month for a free 30-minute consultation and we’d love to have an online video chat with you to see how we can transform your spaces!

We hope everyone is keeping safe during this time and looking after themselves mentally as well as physically.

We’d also like to take a moment to thank all our frontline forces that are working bravely to help keep everyone safe.

From Design to Beyond – Let’s get inspired!

Much thanks,

The Nicholas Interiors & Design Team