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100% Made-to-measure furniture

Bookcase, TV cabinet, wardrobe, cupboards or dressing room? Bespoke furniture entirely according to your wishes.

Bespoke furniture and handmade furniture is built to meet your exact specifications, best matches your personality as well as your home.

Sometimes essential, tailored furniture could be the ideal solution when what you are looking for does not exist in the shops and it is also a smart choice if you want a unique and inimitable result that will revolutionize your space, in terms of space, comfort, aesthetics.

What is the advantage of hiring a specialist in bespoke furniture in Uganda?

The main advantage of asking a professional to build a made-to-measure library or wardrobe is that this person will assure you a top-quality service.

Ideas Factory will be also responsible for the installation of the furniture, a peace of mind for the client.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of materials and our experience in interior decoration, we can count on the best Italian artisans who allow you to carry out projects in Uganda at the highest level. Let your imagination run wild!