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The initial ‘ideation’ stage involves brainstorming design solutions (verbal, sketched or written) before filtering out unworkable ideas and refining the workable ones until one or more main design concepts emerge.

The main design concept is articulated in the form of a written Concept Statement expressing the principal ideas and approach behind the proposed design solution. The Concept Statement is accompanied by Schematic Drawings – quick sketches and graphic visualizations of these main ideas – portraying the siting, orientation, space allocations, circulation patterns, spatial and activity relationships from a variety of perspectives, colour schemes and other important details of the proposed design. The Design Concept Statement and supporting conceptual drawings, including scaled floor plans showing furniture placement; mood boards showing colour, materials and finishes.Depending on the scale of the project, the proposal may include additional sketches, perspective drawings, full colour renderings. after these, The final design documentation, including drawings, specifications, schedules and timeframe become part of the designer’s contract with client.