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Interior Design Service

How to transform or renovate a house, an office or a shop? How to create functional interiors, perfectly integrated into your living space? For your interior design projects, we offer the different stages of the “Interior Architecture” service. This service can be adapted to your project.

Preliminary design
First meeting and customer interview

The first contact allows to makes the best use of available space and learn about the requirements and expectations of customers, their desires and inspirations. This interview is also an opportunity to find out how the Ideas Factory works.

Some typical questions:

  • What is your need (renovation, extension, space layout)?
  • Who is living in the house (yourself, your family, a young landlord, …) and what is the purpose of the project (to resell, to rent)?
  • What is the deadline (imperative, flexible)?
  • Do you have a budget?

After the interview, we make a quote for the requested service. Once the estimate has been accepted, the first step is the analysis of the existing situation taking photos/measures on the site on the basis of existing plans (if available) or those made by the architect. Project development and proposal plan view of spaces adapted to customer needs. The project will be presented and discussed with the clients. Comments and feedback from the client will help us understanding how to proceed to the realization of 2D plans, elevations, 3D plans if necessary for each room. After validation, the last step consists of finding furniture and materials necessary to finalize the house or apartment. The presentation will take place with mood boards and furniture.

Example of proposals on mood boards:

  • furniture (kitchen, dressing room, beds, sofa, …)
  • light design
  • textures and fabrics
  • curtains, carpets
  • flooring
Final draft
2D and 3D drawings delivery

Upon review and approval of the final draft, our next step will be to submitted a copy of the drawings.